Part 2 Chapters 1-2, “Cells and Sermons”

In part two, many changes are coming for Alex; in these two chapters Alex must adapt to being imprisoned, at least for the time being.

Chapter one of part two takes place two years after his sentencing in his cell, “84F” in staja (we can assume this is short for state jail). After Deltoids testimony, Alex is apparently sentenced to fourteen years. Alex rocks the “height of prison fashion” look, which is commented by Alex to be “poop color.” He feels he had lost his identity, feeing like he is just a number; prisoner “6655321.” Alex reflects on his two years in the stoney lonesome, going through being beat, molested, and god knows what else. Alex learns that Georgie has died, and is glad that the “traitor” didn’t live a long life. As more time passes Alex adapts more. He becomes a stereo operator for the prison chaplain during Sunday worship. A man is beat for burping during the service and the chaplain goes on like nothing happened. This is an allusion to the hypocrisy of the church. Alex takes a fond interest in the bible to our surprise, but only because of the violence and sex in the Old Testament. That’s unfortunate for a young man who needs guidance from any and everywhere. He even likes the part in the New Testament where he can imagine himself nailing and whipping Jesus. Yikes. Alex later becomes prison snitch, to get in good favor from the chaplain to get recommendations to the governor, who the chaplain talks to about the prisoners. Alex makes up a story about some cocaine in the prison, but still gets recognition. Alex, now in good standing with the chaplain, asks about a treatment that he heard upon completion grants freedom. “Ludvico’s Technique” as it’s called. The chaplain warns Alex that the program is in infancy. He tells Alex he doubts rather or not it can actually change a man, and then Alex goes back to his cell, only to find that his normal cell of three is now crammed with seven people. In part one, Alex is a christ like-martyr, with droogs being his disciples who betrayed him. In chapter one of part two alex emphasizes his suffering, making the little devil, ironically, a christ like figure. Prison has not changed Alex a bit so far, as he is still selfish as ever and as wicked as ever. I guess we are supposed to feel sorry for a person who rapes, kills, and steals from innocent people, but all sarcasm aside, strangely enough, I do. Burgess was gunning for this to conflict readers. I feel bad for feeling bad for him.

Alex begins chapter 2 part 2 with new cellmates. One of these new cellmates argues that Alex should sleep on the floor since he is the youngest, but Alex’s other cellmates defend him. Alex later wakes up to his new cellmate, next to him, pleasuring himself (thanks for the visual as well as all the other ones found in this pleasant book Burgess). Alex reacts by punching him, as the other prisoners join in the fun. The guards rush to the cell, as the prisoners blame Alex for inciting the fight, leaving the new cellmate lying in his blood. Alex argues he will not be molested while he sleeps and not fight back. The guards laugh, call him a princess, and leave. The prisoners then rough up the new guy more. Alex gives him a kick in the head to end the new guys “lesson.” The man dies, and Alex is labeled as the killer. The governor notices this, and decides to further inspect Alex. The governor then decides he want to put Alex through the Ludvico’s treatment, and Alex then sees this as his way out. Alex’s impulses cause him to murder yet another person. Alex is now in for a rough ride as a lab rat.

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