Part 2 Chapter 7 and Part 3 Chapter 1, “The New Alex”

Alex is now a “changed man,” and his treatment comes to a close as he faces being released into the real world again.

In the final chapter if part 2, There is one more day left in Alex’s treatment, a “passing out day.” Alex is now given the clothes he was wearing when arrested, and a knife. He is led into the film room, but he notices that the curtains have been drawn in front of the silver screen and the frosted viewing under the glass has disappeared. The staja governor, the chaplain, the minister, and the doctors and other white coats are all in attendance for this viewing. Dr. Brodsky introduces Alex as a man ready to be released into the real world again. He states “Actions speak louder than words, observe all!” A light shines on Alex, and another shines on a man he has never seen. The man begins to taunt Alex, pinch his ears, and nose. He teases Alex and asks him to hit back. Alex reaches for his knife, but is overcome with pain. He imagines blood gushing out of the man. Alex pleads for the man to take his cigarettes, boots, and knife, realizing he needs to change his perspective of him before he gets ill. Alex licks his shoes, and the audience laughs. When the man is about to punch Alex, the doctor ends the showing. Dr. Brodsky explains how he no longer can commit violence, making him “more like Jesus.” Alex then asks if he’s just an animal, or a Clockwork orange (another reference to the title). The chaplain says that this is a result of his evil actions. They call in an actress, who is a beautiful woman. Alex feels an urge to rape her, but feels sick once more, and wants to think about something else. Alex offers to worship and protect the woman. The actress bows and leaves. The Doctor proclaims Alex will be a true Christian. The minister is amazed by how the treatment works. The chaplain says, “God help us all.” This chapter shows off Alex’s transformation and how he no longer can act violently and follow his intuition. Alex is no longer Alex in a sense.

In the first chapter of Part 3 Alex stands outside the facility and recalls his last day in it. It tires him out. He has to do interviews for TV, and photo sessions. He is glad to put it behind him and be free. He then decides to get some grub. He sits in a dark corner and eats while other men grab a a waitress who seems to enjoy the attention. Alex buys a paper and reads of an upcoming election. His own photography is on the second page. The first graduate from the place of his treatment. Alex throws the paper in anger. He takes a bus home on a quiet winter morning. The apartment seems cleaner than usual. Even the elevator works. Alex opens the door to his home and is surprised by his parents and a stranger, who asks who the hell he is. His parents ask how he has escaped prison, and Alex the explains. Alex asks who the man is, calling him old, ugly, and middle class. His dad takes up for the stranger, who’s name is Joe, who happens to be renting Alex’s room. Joe insults Alex and calls him a bad son. Joe says he has protected his parents like Alex should have, which alex finds amusing, as they all seem the same age. Alex, Upon realizing his stereo and records are gone, calls Joe a bastard. Alex’s Dad says the state has taken everything for compensation of the victims. Alex, baffled, sits. Joe demands he ask permission to sit. Alex replies with profanity, but feels sick. Alex parents insist they cannot just kick joe out, and Alex begins to cry and feel sorry for himself. Alex leaves saying he will never be seen again, and wishes he’d stayed in prison.

Alex struggles early on in his release from prison and wishes he would have never gotten the treatment that changed him into someone he is not

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