Part 2 chapters 5-6 “Torture or Punishment?”

Alex continues his “treatment” and realizes that these two weeks will be very excruciating and painful. He will not be the same person he came into the facility as.

Chapter 5 of part 2 kicks off with Alex refusing to describe the films he has been forced to watch this afternoon. Alex believes the people in the facility are sicker than any of the prisoners and lets it be known. He could not think of men sick enough as those who would make someone watch the films he would watch, which is ironic because he committed most of these crimes and watched himself do them. Alex is finally released to his room. Dr Banom then informs and warns him about his AM and PM sessions the next day. He comments Alex’s progress is “positive.” Sympathetic, the Doctor tells him that they must be tough on Alex because he must be cured. They talk about how Alex’s body must become “normal” again and unlearn evil by responding sickly to violence. Alex wonders if the white coats are doing something to make him ill, and thinks it may be the wires attached to him. The Doctor pats Alex on the head and then leaves. A discharge officer comes to ask alex of his plans after release. Alex wants to surprise his parents who know nothing of his pending release. They discuss what jobs Alex can have once he gets out. The discharge officer then asks Alex to punch him in the face. Alex is stunned, but proceeds to punch him anyway. He immediately falls ill, unable to punch the officer. He then goes to sleep, but has a nightmare about one of the films, and feels paralyzed and sick at the worst part of his dream. He wakes up and tries to escape the room to no avail, realizing there is no way out. He will not sleep not wanting to get sick. He still managed to eventually fall asleep but did not recall any dreams. This chapter digs into the early effects of his treatment and Alex already has changed due to his treatment.

Chapter 6 of part 2 opens with Alex begging for the white coats to stop playing the film. Dr. Brodsky is amazed with Alex’s progress, calling him “first class.” They play alex an old nazi film with Beethoven’s fifth symphony playing. Alex throws up and begs for it to stop again. He calls it an unforgivable sin to play this film with Beethoven’s fifth symphony. Dr. Brodsky knows nothing about music itself but knows it to be an emotional heightener. Dr. Banom calls it a necessary evil and a torture element to his treatment. Dr Brodsky explains the association as part of his treatment (being the music). Dr. Branom says this works almost like propaganda. Alex wonders if the wires are making him ill but Dr. Brodsky says that it is not the wires, so Alex assumes it must be the shot. Dr, Brodsky insists that resisting is useless and either way he will have to take it. Alex later pleads that he is against violence and is treated, but the white coats thing he is not yet cured, but Alex has less than a week in his treatment anyways. The next day, Alex hits a nurse to avoid taking the shot. He is then held down by five men and forced to take it. Alex says the days seem to blend together while asked to describe the films. The next day, the nurse never arrives, but Alex soon realizes the shots are no longer necessary. The film causes Alex to be sick, even without the shot. Alex sobs at the realization he will no longer be able to stand violence. He fakes illness and yells out that he is dying. White coats come in as Alex complains of appendix pain. Alex prepares to hit the first person who runs in, but the thought of someone in pain makes him sick. Alex realizes that he feels better receiving a punch than landing one.

Alex’s treatment is almost complete and he is now a person who can no longer stand violence without a will voice in the matter. He is robbed of what makes him a human being, that being free will.

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