Part 3 Chapters 6-7, “Aftermath”

The gruesome novel is coming to an end, and Alex’s story is coming to a close. He has been through much and readers find discomfort in wishing for Alex to find peace.

Chapter 6 of part 3 finds Alex feeling his bones fracture. Alex realizes that Alexander and his friends were trying to use his suicide against the government. Alex awakes from a coma not knowing who he is or why he can’t feel anything. The chaplain comes in the room and tells Alex he has quit the Staja and is doing sermons. Alex then once again loses consciousness on and off. He wakes up and sees Alexanders friends, telling Alex he has “served liberty well.” Alex protests as much as he can with a banged up mouth. They show Alex a newspaper with Alex on the headlines bearing a down with the government headline. This excites Alex, who strangely isn’t made sick by the thought. Alex falls into dreams doing ultraviolent stuff and awakes not feeling sick. His parents are in the room and his dad asks him to come home as his mom sobs. Alex curses them out of the room. He asks the nurse how long he has been in the hospital. Its been about a week. Alex asks if his treatment may have been reversed. She says its all for the best. A couple of days later doctors test Alex and confirm that the treatment has been reversed. He continues to get better, and then the minister of the interior enters. The minister calls Alex a friend while Alex calls him an enemy. They converse for a while. The minister says there is a high paying job waiting on him. He reminds Alex they out away Alexander who wants his life. A photographer shouts at Alex to smile and Alex does. A picture making them look like old friends is taken. The minister now brings him a stereo. Upon Alex’s signature Beethoven’s ninth begins to play.

The final chapter starts with Alex and his three new friends, Len, Rick, and Bully. The four of them sit it Korova milkbar drinking milk-plus and figure out what trouble to get into. They are dressed in the heighth of fashion which has changed, and their heads are shaven. Alex is the oldest and is kind of the leader, but Bully wants to takeover. Alex is fine with that, he is tired of being the leader. He has the highest paying job of the four, working for the National Gramodisc Archives. Feeling the drugs, Alex punches a dude in the stomach and orders the gang to leave the bar. Bully beats on the guy more first. The gang thinks about getting a glass of something from the Duke of New York. Alex plays along. They sit down next to the same old women from the begging of the book and flirt with Alex the for freebies. Alex doesn’t want to buy the freebies with his hard earned paper, but he falls into the pressure and buys them around and gets himself a small beer. A newspaper clipping of a baby drops to the floor. His entourage makes fun of him. Alex tears up at the photo and is embarrassed. Alex excuses himself. Alex has been in his feelings and listening to sappy music instead of his classical music. He gets a cup of tea at his coffee house. He notices Pete is in the coffeehouse with his wife Georgina. Pete is now an ordinary middle class man. The two discuss about Georgie and Dim. Georgina is amused by Alex’s funny speech. Alex cannot believe how grown Georgie looks, and married. The couple leaves Alex wanting a wife and son of his own to teach what he has learned in life, and Alex realizes he is no longer young.

Alex has shown moral transformation and is not the same person he was in the beginning. Yes he is still violent, but he has slight moral compass, or maybe a lack of violent rage with his age. He is a more mature person and wants a family. Maybe this is where Alex will find his peace.

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